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1 What Is Airsoft

Airsoft is a military / film simulation game, that uses replica imitation firearms (RIFS) in a Team-V-Team Game or Scenario-V-Team Game.

Airsoft can be played either outdoors, normally in a skirmish game format or indoors in a CQB environment.


1.2 What do I need to play a game of Airsoft?

All you need to play Airsoft is; 

Some comfortable clothes, that are worn underneath camouflage overalls or uniforms. 

Airsoft approved eye protection is essential at all sites and comes either as a full face mask (recommended for beginners – and available for hire at most sites) or wrap around glasses with toughened lenses.

Good sturdy footwear is also recommended, army boots or the equivalent should be worn to support your ankles across the rugged a varied terrain at most Airsoft sites.

A gun is also handy to have in a fire fight and can be hired on the day from the site you are playing at or can be personally purchased from recommended Airsoft suppliers.

The range of available airsoft guns is vast which means when you are ready to purchase your own equipment, you can select the weapon that best suits your style of play. If its available as a real gun there is probably an Airsoft version out there. From uzis to mini guns, the choice is yours!

Airsoft Guns Fire Plastic BB's which normally range from 0.2g's to 0.3g in a standard AEG.  

There are limitations to purchasing and owning Airsoft weapons that are regulated through the UKARA scheme or other appropriate defences. 


1.3 How old do you have to be to PLAY airsoft?

The minimum age to own an Airsoft gun or RIF is 18.

However, Gunman Airsoft Midlands allows players from 11 and above to join us by their guardian signing an indemnity form before entering the site. 

(Contact Marie at; to acquire a form).

2 Purchasing and Owning Airsoft Equipment
2.1 What is UKARA?

UKARA is a group of Airsoft retailers who formed an association to protect their businesses and enable the sale of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiF's), to the newly restricted recognised and approved customers resulting from the Violent Crime Reduction Act (VCRA).

Under the new act it is the responsibility of the seller to verify that the purchaser is approved for the purchase of RIF's, and they may be prosecuted if they fail to do this with due diligence.

To qualify for a UKARA defence a person must be a regular skirmisher (i.e. skirmish three or more times in no less than two months, at the same site or club).

In order to be registered the Airsoft site the player registers at must hold public Public Liability Insurance. Once a skirmisher is registered, they receive a membership number and must produce this before buying or trading Airsoft firearms from these retailers, although this is not a legal requirement.

You will typically be asked to provide your UKARA defence at the time of purchase.  This will then be verified by the retailer before completion of your order.


2.2 How old do I have to be to purchase and Airsoft Gun

In the UK you can purchase Airsoft guns that are Two Tone if you are over 18 years of age.  

Two-Tone is where over 50% of the gun is brightly coloured, for example Electric Blue, Candy Apple Red, Bright Green, on Bright Yellow.

Proof of age may be required when purchasing these items


2.3 How do I purchase a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm)

If you are Over 18 years of age and hold a valid defence under the terms of the VCRA then you will be able to purchase RIFS.

A RIF is any airsoft gun that has the appearance of a realistic firearm / is a realistic colour.

The most commonly used and recognised defence in Airsoft is the UKARA scheme.

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